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Purelife Alternative Wellness Center

Serving Medical & Recreational 21+

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Northern Lights Disposable Vapor Pen


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Terra Espresso Bites 100mg


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Concentrated Shatter Jack 1g


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Habit Purified CBD Water, 50mg


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Hashwurks Extracts 1 G Gorilla Glue


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FlavRx 100 mg Peach Rings


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Guild Exracts G-Pak Live Resin


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We focus on carrying the top quality medicinal products & specialize in CBD (cannabidiol).

Our team is selectively chosen to bring our patients knowledge, care, and compassion to ensure that each individual receives the correct and best medicine for their specific needs.

Established in May of 2006, we are a fully compliant, pre-ICO, registered, tax-paying, not-for-profit collective.

About Us

Pure Life Alternative Wellness Center prides itself on its mission to truly embody the one-stop shop that patients are looking for to fill all of their medical cannabis needs. From tinctures and topicals to fresh buds, referral deals and patient appreciation events, we have it all at Pure Life Alternative Wellness Center.

Our sole mission is to provide patients with safe and reliable access to medical cannabis. PureLife strives to create a healing environment where patients find support and community, compassionate care and legal integrity in a manner that will be good for our members and that of the whole community.

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